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pdbId Chain Residues Contact String Molecule Source
2WY8 Q 66 Topology (PDB)
4IHF J 70 Topology (PDB)
4K12 B 82 Topology (PDB)
4KEH D 77 Topology (PDB)
5DJT B 59 Topology (PDB)
5JSN B 115 Topology (PDB)
5LXV B 65 Topology (PDB)
2XWT A 209 Topology (PDB)
2YC1 A 117 Topology (PDB)
2ZCH H 220 Topology (PDB)
3BQU A 211 Topology (PDB)
3EO0 A 215 Topology (PDB)
3FO9 A 214 Topology (PDB)
3K7U A 119 Topology (PDB)
3M8T A 263 Topology (PDB)
3MC0 A 109 Topology (PDB)
3OF6 A 240 Topology (PDB)
3P0Y H 210 Topology (PDB)
3P0Y L 213 Topology (PDB)
3RVV C 211 Topology (PDB)
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Above table lists all the available proteins in the ProLego database. Each protein chain (row in the table), has the link to corresponding PDB structure as well as the Topology link for detail analysis of proLeg-topologies. Table column heads can be read as following,

  • pdbId:  Protein Id [as from Protein Data Bank]
  • Chain:  Chain Id . as described in the PDB file
  • Residues:  Number of amino acid in the PDB chain.
  • Topology:  Link to explore topological representation of the protein
  • Molecule:  Protein molecule as described in the PDB. and Link to RCSB
  • Source:  Biological lsource of the proteins